Dermatrest from Olympus Labs

Is it accurate to say that you are somebody who needs the outcomes that accompanied prohormones however you can’t have the capacity to swallow every one of those pills? In the event that you need to significantly build your size, quality, and execution without forcing down twelve pills a day, then you require Dermatrest from Olympus Labs.

Dermatrest from Olympus Labs is a transdermal prohormone, which implies you apply it straightforwardly to your skin. This takes into consideration most extreme retention of the astounding prohormone contained inside: Trestolone (17-hydroxy-7a-methylestr-4-en-3-one).

Trestolone is an extremely strong prohormone that might have the capacity to altogether expand the size and mass of your muscles. Besides, pre-workout, it can soar your execution while you flaunt that pumped and swole look.

The best thing about Trestolone is that it won’t bring about undesirable symptoms, for example, DHT transformation or low sex drive. In the event that you need genuine size without the symptoms, Dermatrest from Olympus Labs is the thing that you require.

Dermatrest accompanies the same, epic and capable impact of Tr3st yet with an alternate conveyance technique. One of the key advantages of having a dermal application is encountering higher bio-accessibility of the dynamic fixings in your circulatory system. Hence, increasing all the more capable anabolic impacts to your body more than some time recently.

Dermatrest guarantees:

  • Fuller Muscles and Rapid Strength Increase
  • Extreme Strength Gains and Muscles Gains
  • Crush Plateaus


  • Extreme picks up in bulk
  • Promotes a full, pumped look
  • Boosts intra-workout vitality and hostility
  • Highly bioavailable



  • Trestolone is a standout amongst the most intense and mainstream manufactured androgens in the market. It’s said to be 10 times more androgenic than testosterone, advancing advantages of bulk, quality, and execution. It won’t aromatize and does not change over into DHT. In spite of its quality, it doesn’t require a SERM, or any genuine PCT. A standard PCT supplement is all that could possibly be needed. It is most well known among weight lifters and those searching for inconceivable mass picks up in a brief timeframe.
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